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Cannabis legalization should be about more than tax revenue

For people with no interest in cannabis, the best reason to legalize weed often seems to be the prospect of new government tax revenue. (This is doubly true for the politicians who actually make decisions about legalization.)

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Ontario won't be ready for private cannabis stores until 2019


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Legal cannabis suppositories are coming to Canada, but with strict potency limits

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Dear Herb: Some cannabis-derived medications are government-approved prescriptions, but the cannabis plant isn't. Why?

Private cannabis retailers move into Ontario despite uncertainty

Feds reject call to decriminalize all drugs

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Privacy issue with online pot sales needs watching: experts

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Five things to watch for in Canadian business

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TORONTO - Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week:

Toronto stock market closes up, loonie climbs

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Feds to review Canopy, Constellation deal

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Canopy talks U.S. expansion after $5B investment

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Second Cup considering Ontario pot shops

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