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Tommy Chong reflects on pot's evolution as he turns 80

LOS ANGELES - Yeah man, Tommy Chong says he always knew he'd live to see the day marijuana legalization would be sweeping America.

By: John Rogers, The Associated Press

Big cannabis firms lobby Senate to keep commercial cannabis production indoor-only

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: What do we know about the effects of marijuana during pregnancy?

The Leaflet

Another way to include First Nations in cannabis legalization

Cannabis legalization won't let youth off the hook: experts

Solomon Israel


Dear Herb: I'm confused — are head shops legal or not?

Medical marijuana: a 'magic elixir?'

Tory senator's fired researcher claims innocence after attempt to delay cannabis vote

Solomon Israel

The murky world of CBD oil

Does legalization put Canada's head shops at risk?

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Could I use a religious defence against cannabis charges?

Welcome to the supermajors

Weeding out the danger

Solomon Israel

World News

Snoop Dogg lauds Canada's cannabis industry

Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Press

Former B.C. premier forecasts pot gold rush

Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press

Saskatchewan turns corner on impaired driving: SGI

The Canadian Press

REGINA - Saskatchewan's Crown-owned insurance company is reporting a sharp drop in impaired driving deaths.

Senate committee guts impaired driving bill

Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press

Feds: Uber self-driving SUV saw pedestrian, did not brake

Tom Krisher, The Associated Press

Security troops on US nuclear missile base took LSD

Robert Burns, The Associated Press