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Activists ready for new pot reality

Federal legislation won't end fight, 4/20 enthusiasts say

By: Solomon Israel 

The Leaflet

'Twas the Twentieth of April (A 4/20 Poem)

Book teaches you how to infuse your drink with cannabis

Wendy King

This year's 4/20 more political than ever, pot activists say

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Where can I use my medical cannabis oil after legalization?


June deadline for final Senate cannabis vote still holds, says senator

Municipalities will add a layer of regulations for people who plan to grow, sell and use cannabis

Solomon Israel

When schools, cannabis and politics collide

No-frills shopping

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: My doctor won't prescribe medical cannabis!

Fatal fire could ignite Senate debate on home growing

Cannabis vape devices are a hit with consumers -- so why won't they be legal right after legalization?

Solomon Israel

Conservative senators warn marijuana legalization will cause delays at U.S. crossings

Solomon Israel

World News

Thousands rally at Sunset Beach pot smoke-in

The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER - The 24th annual 4-20 rally on Vancouver's Sunset Beach drew a crowd long before pot smokers were expected to light up at 4:20 p.m.

Grassroots Grits pushing Trudeau to the left

Joan Bryden and Keith Doucette, The Canadian Press

HALIFAX - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is being pushed by backbenchers and grassroots Liberals to take a more progressive stance on issues such as pharmacare, prostitution and illegal drugs.

Cannabis users flock to Ottawa pot rally

Raisa Patel, The Canadian Press

Marijuana sector firms get marketing pushback

Armina Ligaya, The Canadian Press

Still much left to fight for: pot activists

Daniela Germano, The Canadian Press

Ottawa 4-20 rally to amplify young voices

Raisa Patel, The Canadian Press