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Government employees busted for weed at work

Two employees of the federal civil service were sacked after being caught using and distributing cannabis at work, according to a new disclosure posted online by Public Services and Procurement Canada.

The Leaflet

Sativa and indica cannabis: What's the difference, really?

Cannabis-impaired driving should be a traffic ticket — not a crime: expert

Solomon Israel

No spike in stoned driving after Oct. 17: police

Laura Kane, The Canadian Press

Most Canadians say 18 too young to buy, use weed: poll

Solomon Israel


Dear Herb: Can I order legal weed from another province?

Think legal weed's too expensive? Give it a few years

Aurora Cannabis expects shortages to linger

Armina Ligaya, The Canadian Press

Cannabis concentrates aren't worth blowing up your house

Retailer opens third licensed pot shop in Manitoba today

Solomon Israel

MARIJUANA retailer National Access Cannabis Corp. will open its third government-licensed cannabis store in the province today.

Dear Herb: Can I legally plant the seeds I found in my legal weed?

Canada Post admits cannabis privacy breach involving 4,500 Ontario customers

Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press

What do America's 'marijuana midterms' mean for cannabis in Canada?

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Cash to help municipalities with legal pot to flow in January

The Canadian Press

TORONTO - The Ontario government will start distributing millions in funding in January to help municipalities cover costs associated with legalizing recreational cannabis.

Many pot users admit to driving after using

Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press

Canada's cannabis border woes far from over

James McCarten, The Canadian Press

Saskatchewan, First Nation to meet over cannabis store

Ryan McKenna, The Canadian Press

Privacy concerns over credit card use for pot

Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Canada's privacy commissioner is planning to issue guidance for buyers and sellers of legal cannabis amid ongoing concern about potential fallout, such as being barred from the United States, if transactions become known by third parties.

Police worried about illegal DIY cannabis derivatives

Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press