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B.C.'s giant government weed warehouse

It's been a big week for cannabis news in Canada, to say the least.

How Canada will regulate legal cannabis: A flowchart

Graeme Bruce and Solomon Israel

Pot possession prosecutions will continue ahead of legalization

Solomon Israel

Pot to be legal Oct. 17, says Trudeau

Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press

Simple possession of reason averts drug-induced legal absurdity

Dan Lett


Peguis First Nation buys in to pot partnership

Martin Cash 

Dear Herb: Can I smoke my medical marijuana in public?

Senators pass cannabis legalization bill

Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press

Waiting for the Senate to legalize weed

Manitoba study seeks participants to test hemp’s ability to lower blood pressure

Joel Schlesinger  

Cannabis seeds remain (mostly) illegal — but that doesn't stop Canadians from buying and selling them

Solomon Israel

No, cannabis won't be legal on July 1

Dear Herb: How do I know if the grow-op across the street is legal and safe?

World News

Goodale says feds to look at pot pardons

Janice Dickson, The Canadian Press

Procedural obstruction tying up Commons

Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press

Five things to watch for in Canadian business

The Canadian Press

TSX ends at record high on energy rally

Ian Bickis, The Canadian Press

Clock starts Oct. 17 for weed dispensaries

Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press

Police forces prep for legal recreational pot

Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Law enforcement agencies are welcoming a delay in the implementation of the country's new cannabis rules, saying they're ramping up officer training, working on public education initiatives and hoping to beef up roadside screening efforts by the fall.