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Cannabis legalization won't let youth off the hook: experts

Provincial offences could have lasting effects

By: Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: I'm confused -- are head shops legal or not?

The Leaflet

Medical marijuana: a 'magic elixir?'

Tory senator's fired researcher claims innocence after attempt to delay cannabis vote

Solomon Israel

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The murky world of CBD oil


Does legalization put Canada's head shops at risk?

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Could I use a religious defence against cannabis charges?

Welcome to the supermajors

Weeding out the danger

Solomon Israel

Prime Minister promises not to delay cannabis legalization

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: How much does it cost to get my cannabis tested for potency?

Senate committee calls for delay of cannabis legalization

Canadian First Nations leaders to debate revenue-sharing motion this week

Dylan Robertson 

World News

Halifax dispensary targeted once more by break-in, raid

Alex Cooke, The Canadian Press

HALIFAX - A Halifax cannabis dispensary has once again found itself the target of an alleged break-in followed by a police raid in what the store's owner said is becoming a pattern.

Oregon pot market a cautionary tale: economists

Amy Smart, The Canadian Press

Craft pot growers demand action from feds, B.C.

Laura Kane, The Canadian Press

Aphria strikes deal on cannabis distribution

The Canadian Press

Yukon sets price for marijuana at $8 per gram

The Canadian Press

WHITEHORSE - The Yukon minister in charge of marijuana says the government hopes to displace more of the illegal market by setting the base price for pot at $8 per gram.

Cannabis to take over former meat plant

The Canadian Press