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Marijuana could help opioid users stay on methadone treatment: study

Users in Vancouver who consumed cannabis daily were 21 per cent more likely to stick with drug replacement therapy

By: Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: What's the deal with cannabis concentrates after legalization?

Cannabis sellers seek clarity on strict rules on advertising

Solomon Israel

Talking to your children about cannabis

Joss Reimer

After years of discussion, Canada is finally set to legalize the use of cannabis on Oct. 17.

From a public health perspective this is mostly a good thing, because it will help alleviate some of the legal, social and health problems that are often associated with the use of this drug.

The Leaflet

Can Canadian cannabis workers safely cross the U.S. border, or not?


Attention cannabis shoppers in Manitoba: here are the rules

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Can my condo board ban home cannabis cultivation in my building?

Aurora Cannabis says there is no drink deal

The Canadian Press

Provincial fines for cannabis violations will be expensive

Calgary officials inspect personal medical cannabis gardens for safety hazards

Solomon Israel

How do Quebecers really feel about cannabis?

Meet Canada's youngest legal cannabis store owner (probably)

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Can I ask prospective employees about their cannabis use?

World News

Feds to comb social media for cannabis data

Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press

Couche-Tard no longer rushing to sell pot

Christopher Reynolds, The Canadian Press

Legal society solicits complaints against two cops

Amy Smart, The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER - A legal advocacy organization on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is circulating flyers with pictures of two police officers and asking if anyone has been harassed by them.

Toronto stocks edge higher, loonie gains

Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press

Doctor accused of not following pot protocol

The Canadian Press

SASKATOON - A doctor who spent time at a Saskatoon medical clinic that specializes in medical marijuana is accused by the governing body for Saskatchewan's physicians of improperly prescribing pot.

Canopy Rivers goes public on TSX Venture

Armina Ligaya, The Canadian Press