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Dear Herb: Can I ask prospective employees about their cannabis use?

The federal Cannabis Act doesn't directly affect hiring practices in Canada, but legalization could inspire employers to ask more questions

Dear Herb: Can I legally import cannabis from abroad?

There's lots of weed in the world, but importing it into Canada is a tall order

Dear Herb: Can I start a "grow your own weed" business?

Imagine a place where someone helps you grow cannabis

Dear Herb: Does cannabis make me more creative?

Can feelings of cannabis-induced inspiration really be attributed to the drug itself, or is something else at work?


Dear Herb: Some cannabis-derived medications are government-approved prescriptions, but the cannabis plant isn't. Why?

Dear Herb: I'm going camping with cannabis. Will a bear smell it and attack me?

Dear Herb: Can medical cannabis be claimed as a medical expense for tax purposes?

Dear Herb: I'm legally allowed to buy medical cannabis. Does that mean I can grow my own?

Dear Herb: I'm licensed to grow medical cannabis. Can I also grow four plants for recreational use?

Dear Herb: What's the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?

Dear Herb: Can I smoke my medical marijuana in public?

Dear Herb: How do I know if the grow-op across the street is legal and safe?