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Dear Herb: Can I make legal cannabis seeds from legal cannabis seeds? Can I use colloidal silver to do it?

Colloidal silver is made up of silver particles suspended in liquid. Herb offers particles of wisdom, suspended in words.

Dear Herb: How many CBD cannabis plants can I legally grow?

A cannabis plant is a cannabis plant, as far as the law is concerned

Dear Herb: What's the difference between hemp CBD and marijuana CBD?

Two different types of cannabis, one chemical compound

I'm registered to grow medical cannabis. Can I also buy it?

Plus, can I bring my medical cannabis outside of Canada?


Dear Herb: I want to make homemade cannabis extracts using ethanol. Is that legal?

Dear Herb: Can I legally order cannabis from this website?

Dear Herb: I'm registered to grow medical cannabis. Can I share it with other patients, or sell it?

Dear Herb: I'm younger than 18. Can I work in a head shop?

Dear Herb: What amount of cannabis edibles can I legally carry in public?

Dear Herb: Can I use cannabis as a visual aid for my educational workshops?

Dear Herb: Can I legally tip my delivery driver with weed?

Dear Herb: Can I give away my homegrown cannabis plants?