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Dear Herb: What pesticides are permitted for use on cannabis?

Currently, Canada allows 24 different pest control products to be used on weed

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Thinking of growing more plants than the law allows? Read this first.

Dear Herb: Can I grow more than four cannabis plants at home if the plants aren't budding?

Today's letter writer was told provincial law might allow cultivation of more than four plants if some of those plants are just wee babies -- but Herb lays down the law

Dear Herb: My legal cannabis lists two different numbers for THC. Why?

Herb explores the difference between "THC" and "Total THC" on cannabis packaging in Canada


Dear Herb: How do I bring cannabis on an airplane without breaking the law?

Dear Herb: How do I legally transport weed in my car?

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Dear Herb: Can I legally plant the seeds I found in my legal weed?

Dear Herb: I'm a registered medical cannabis user. Can I carry more than 30 grams in public?

Dear Herb: Legalization is confusing, and we have so many questions!