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Dear Herb: Where can I use my medical cannabis oil after legalization?

Where do provincial rules about cannabis consumption leave a legal medical cannabis user?

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Legally accessing cannabis for medical purposes in Canada requires a doctor's approval -- but doctors aren't obliged to give it

Dear Herb: Will I be allowed to smoke cannabis on a post-legalization camping trip?

Provincial and territorial governments are still sorting out their approaches to where cannabis can be consumed after legalization

Dear Herb: Will it be easier to grow hemp after cannabis is legalized?

Industrial hemp won't get you high, so will the government make it easier to cultivate after legalization? Herb says 'Yes... but also, no.'


A self-described rookie wants to try cannabis after legalization. What to buy without "looking dumb?"

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Will there be security requirements for legal home cannabis cultivation?

What will happen if I grow pot in a province where it's illegal?

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How will I get my legal weed home from the store?

Frozen waste: Is it a good idea to freeze your weed?

How does it feel?