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Liberals face pressure to wipe pot records

Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press

Delta 9's getting its joint ready for big day

Solomon IsraelĀ 

High time to talk pot

Doug Speirs

Well, kids, the big day is finally here.

Unless you have been hiding in a drainpipe for the past year, you will know today is the historic day on which Canadians can legally smoke recreational marijuana.

Ready or not, we've legalized pot



Correction: Five things about what's legal in new pot law

The Canadian Press

Ahead of legalization, who's using cannabis in Canada?

Canadian weed workers should be able to enter U.S., says border agency

Solomon Israel

28 days later: Marijuana bans for cops raise questions about impairment

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: How much weed can I legally store at home?

Manitoba's first cannabis sommelier hopes to help new users find the right high

Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson

Cannabis: A gateway drug to online vitriol

Keep your pooch away from your pot

Kelly Taylor