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Edible cannabis rules fall short of expectations

Sylvain Charlebois

NSLC to sell cannabis edibles and extracts

The Canadian Press

Cannabis a growing danger to canines

Laura Klivans

It all started on a Tuesday night, when I came home from work to an unmistakable absence. My brown-and-white pitbull mix, Maizey, wasn’t at the top of the stairs to greet me. Instead, she was in her bed, shaky and confused.

When I tried to get her up, she stumbled, nearly falling over while standing still. Walking to the vet, she leaped like a puppy chasing imaginary balls.

Legal cannabis could lower demand for medical pot

Solomon Israel


Governments earned $186M in pot taxes in 5 1/2 months of legalization: StatCan

Armina Ligaya, The Canadian Press

Dear Herb: When will I be able to buy my medical cannabis at a store?

Canada's cannabis health warning messages get overhaul

Solomon Israel

Pot edibles to hit shelves by late 2019

Armina Ligaya, The Canadian Press

Do cannabis smokers want joints that look and feel like cigarettes?

Solomon Israel

Dear Herb: Can my friend legally pay me to grow cannabis on their property?

Ontario cannabis vacationers get a place in the sun

Cannabis brand explorer: Who's behind the bud?

Solomon Israel and Graeme Bruce