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Businesses bet child-resistance is not futile

A Hush Box lockable container, designed to keep weed and paraphernalia away from children. (Mikaela MacKenzie / Winnipeg Free Press)

MedTainers look, feel and operate like child-proof pill bottles, but also lock in odour and feature a built-in grinder. (MedTainer / Instagram)

How do we keep legal cannabis away from tiny, curious hands?

It's a question that has Canadian politicians and regulators worried — hence Health Canada's recent announcement that child-resistant packaging will be required for all legal cannabis products.

But private-sector businesses didn't need to wait for the government to mandate child-resistant cannabis containers: they're already on the case.

Ontario plastic-forming business WaterStem Inc. recently dove into the cannabis accessory market with its "Original Hush Box." It's a microwave- and dishwasher-safe container made of food-grade plastic, secured by a plastic lock and key.

The Hush Box is particularly meant for keeping cannabis edibles out of the hands of children, says WaterStem president Kirk Ots.

"As it becomes more mainstream, as it becomes more soccer mom than Cheech and Chong, we think that there is going to be this larger retail market for the accessory products, and that's where we hope that we got the jump on everybody," he says.

Right now, Ots is focusing on promoting the Hush Box online before the recreational marijuana market takes off.

"After legalization, we hope that there's going to be more mainstream retail available to us," he says.

California-based Acology Inc. has big hopes for its signature "Medtainer" in the Canadian recreational cannabis market. The Medtainer looks, feels, and operates like a child-resistant pill bottle, but it also locks in odour and features a built-in cannabis grinder. Like the Hush Box, it's also made of food-grade plastic.

Acology's national services director Jack Rein says his company started focusing on Canada four years ago. He hopes the Medtainer will be more than just an accessory: Acology sees the product as a retail packaging solution for cannabis stores.

"I think we're in a great position to be one of the go-to retail packages for the legal cannabis industry in Canada," says Rein.

Of course, a truly determined kid can find their way into almost anything.

But child-resistant containers should give cannabis-using parents some peace of mind, freeing them up to worry about all the other things kids want to put in their mouths (hello, Tide Pods).

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