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'Twas the Twentieth of April (A 4/20 Poem)


'Twas the twentieth of April, and all through the land

All the weed fans were toking, though herb was still banned;

Giant novelty spliffs had been rolled with great care,

With hopes that the legal regime would be fair.


But the Senate committees reviewing the bill,

Were giving those cannabis lovers the chills:

Would the Red Chamber members outlaw all home grows?

Or might potency limits be strictly imposed?


And if C-45 receives royal assent

Would the weed prohibition truly relent?

Or instead, will this cannabis legalization

Result in some new law enforcement fixations,

Like charging adults with a criminal transgression

If they have more than 30 grams in their possession?


Meanwhile on Bay Street, the financiers waited,

Their share prices rising (and maybe inflated);

The retail investors were taking great pains,

To time their stock sell-offs for maximum gains.


The weed lovers sighed, as they rolled their next joint,

"If we don't free the weed," they asked, "what's the damn point?

"And whatever happened to cannabis culture?

"All these upstart grow-ops are just capitalist vultures."

"We're not!" cried the industry, ‘round the whole nation;

"We're just trying to follow these strict regulations."


Then came Justin Trudeau, with a twinkle in his eye,

Wearing chronic leaf socks and a hempen necktie;

"Legal cannabis is coming — yes, we're right on the edge!

"My party will honour at least one campaign pledge!”

Then he selfied, and whistled, and out of the air,

Came the whole Trudeau cabinet — plus MP Bill Blair!


"Now Justice! Now Safety! Now Finance! Now Health!

"Let us pass this new law, for the whole commonwealth!

"To the Peace Tower now, with the greatest of speed!

"Now legalize! Legalize! Legalize weed!"


As the weed fans looked on, the Grits soared to the sky.

"Did that really happen? We must truly be high!"

Then they rolled one last joint, and they set it alight.

Happy weed day to all, and to all a good night.

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