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Cuomo vows New York will lead nation with progressive agenda

Stephen R. Groves, The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Sounding like the presidential candidate he insists he is not, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unleashed an energetic attack against President Donald Trump's policies Tuesday, pledging New York will lead the nation forward with the most progressive agenda in state history.

The Democrat began 2019 and his third term with the inaugural address on Ellis Island, saying "America's only threat is from within."

Consider making some pardons automatic: MPs

Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press

Trade war, big profits, wild swings: a look at 2018 markets

Alex Veiga, The Associated Press

Wall Street started 2018 strong, buoyed by a growing economy and corporate profits. It didn't end that way.

U.S. stocks climbed to new highs in January, shook off a sudden, steep drop by spring and rode a wave of tax cut-juiced corporate earnings growth to another all-time high by September. Then the jitters set in.

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

The Canadian Press

Some of the most active companies traded Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:

Toronto Stock Exchange (14,322.86, up 100.86 points)


Top stories of 2018 - July-Dec.

The Canadian Press

JULY 2018

Extra officers on road for New Year's Eve: police

The Canadian Press

Top stories of 2018 - Jan.-June

The Canadian Press


Make tomato sauce and cook spaghetti squash in one pot

America'S Test Kitchen, The Associated Press

New crop of reform-minded prosecutors ready to take office

Denise Lavoie, The Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. - At least eight reform-minded prosecutors will take office in cities around the country next month.

Spanish police seize hashish, arrest 42 in drug operations

The Associated Press

MADRID - Spanish police say they have seized 3.25 metric tons (3.64 short tons) of hashish in two operations against drug trafficking across the Strait of Gibraltar.

California's legal cannabis marketplace: By the numbers

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - After one year of broad legal sales, California's marijuana marketplace remains in transition, as companies adapt to new rules and illegal operators continue to flourish. A snapshot of the emerging legal economy:

Gains, growing pains mark California's 1st year of legal pot

Michael R. Blood, The Associated Press